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Handmade Pralines
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About LOLA’S

Welcome to the sweetest place on earth.  LOLA’S Praline recipe is five decades strong and has within it all the goodness of New Orleans.  Pecan Candy, as it’s affectionally called, is the go-to treat in the bayou state.  Please indulge and share with a friend.   This is the candy that I came to love as a child and is affectionately named after the two ladies that created it; my mother and grandmother who shared the name.   After the bitterness of 2020, I decided to share this sweetness with the world.   Please email below with your order request and you will receive a call within 24 hours to from an agent to customize your order.


We are a Veteran owned company, and we honor a permanent 10% off discount for other veterans, law enforcement officers, and school-teachers/administrators.

10 Pieces- $20.00 Plus Shipping

20 Pieces- $45 Plus Shipping

50 Pieces- $100 Plus Shipping

Local delivery fee $7.00. (Cypress, Katy, Houston, TX area only).

Hand Made to order******* No preservatives.

Each batch is made to order by hand.  Please specify if you want heavy pecans, or if you prefer mostly candy.  Order yours NOW!!!


If it’s not LOLA’S, it’s not right.




P.O.BOX 22327
Houston, TX 77227

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